Cadbury Heath Primary

Chess Club

Mervyn George, our Chair of Governors, has been running the chess club for many years.  Children join a chess ladder to help children to play others of similar ability and to see if they can improve.  Check out the links below for information on the game. The chess ladders show how children are getting on. Chess club runs on a Monday and Friday lunchtime.

How to play chess
Knight Quiz
Rules of the opening
Fried Liver Attack

Chess Ladder's

Chess Ladder 15/03/2019
Chess Ladder 08/03/2019

Chess Ladder 08/02/2019

Chess Ladder 01/02/2019

Chess Ladder 25/01/2019

Chess Ladder 18/01/2019

Chess Ladder 11/01/2019

Chess Ladder 21/12/2018

Chess Ladder 14/12/2018

Chess Ladder 07/12/2018