Cadbury Heath Primary

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6   

Teacher:                            Mr Bradley 
Teaching Assistants:      Mrs Gough
                                          Mrs Ingram-Cotton

Welcome to Year 6! We look forward to a year of learning and enjoyment. if you have any questions please come in and ask.

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Year 6 Aikido Presentation

On Tuesday 6th September, Year 6 were treated to an Aikido presentation from professionals from Dai Ichi Gakko. Linked to their Japanese topic the children learnt about the specialist art of the Japanese martial art.

The demonstration showed children the range of movements and defence combination used by an Aikido master, who use the energy of the attacker against themselves. The martial art is based on a range of movements to which combat any attackers aggression and uses this to throw of lock the attacker.

The children, who were fascinated by the use of the attackers force against them, thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and look forward to completing some cross-curricular work on Aikido.

Please have a look at some of the photos from the demonstration.

Here is a Power-point of the some of the photos. 
Other photos available from Mr Bradley. 


Recently Year 6 visited Osmington, and had a fantastic week. The children participated in a range of activities. For more photos please visit the gallery. 

Restart the Heart 

On Monday 17th October, Year 6 were fortunate enough to be visited by Becci Garrett and her team for some Restart the Heart training. The children used the dummies to practice resuscitation and what to do in an emergency. More photos available in the gallery.