Cadbury Heath Primary

Time4Reading Silver Award

Following the success of last years reading challenge, KS2 are already engaged and avidly reading books for our new reading challenge launched at the start of September.

Launch Poster

This years theme has the Rio Olympics in mind with our very own Cadbury Heath Reading Challenge Velodrome.

Each child taking part in the reading challenge will stick their own cyclist on the board, moving them around the Velodrome upon completion of a reading book. The aim during the course of the academic year is to read up to 12 books. This year we have introduced 6 set titles, which Years 4 to 6 will be asked to include within their reading selection. Having read a book children will be asked to complete a book review and for set titles a set of comprehension questions about the book.

Set titles for Years 4, 5 and 6

Incentives and Certificates shall be awarded throughout the year!

Time4reading Bronze Certificate
Time4reading Silver Certificate
Time4reading Gold Certificate