Cadbury Heath Primary


Humanities Day (Year 5)

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On the 20/06, it was Humanities Day in school. We looked at the water cycle and how human activities impacted on the water cycle. We conducted an experiment using milk, food colouring and washing up liquid. We also had fun doing marbling using shaving foam and food colouring.

Smoothie Making Morning

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During Healthy Eating Week, Year 5 made some yummy smoothies with the help of parents.

Beautiful Batik

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Year 5 had fun learning how to produce their batik design using a non wax method.

Bearded Dragon and Corn Snake visit (Year 5)

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Year 5 had two very interesting visitors on 28/02/2018. Thanks so much to Bea's mum for bringing the lovely creatures into our class.

Workshop with Christopher Edge (Year 5)

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Year 5 had a workshop (27/02) with Christopher Edge during Book Week 2018.

Safer Internet Day 2018

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Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you

3D shapes

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Year 5 made 3D shapes during their Maths in Term 2.

SS Great Britain

39 images

Year 6's School trip to The SS Great Britain

Osmington 2017

32 images

Year 6's residential week away 2017 October 9th - 13th

Sports Day 2017

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The rain held off for a fantastic Sports Day at Cadbury Heath on Thursday 29th June.

FOYS - 2017

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Year 6 children represented the school at Archery in the Festival of Youth Sport on Saturday 10th June.

Summer Dances 2017

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On Thursday 25th May Cadbury Heath hosted their summer dances in glorious sunshine!

Year 2 - SS Great Britain

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We had a great day out at the SS Great Britain!

Year 2 - Easter Nest Cakes

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We made Easter nest cakes in the classroom, using hot water bottles to melt the chocolate. It was great fun!

DT Day (Tie and dye) Year 5

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Year 5 had fun doing a tie and dye activity on the 30/03.

World Book Day 2016

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Children at Cadbury Heath had a wonderful time during World Book Day. As well as dressing up as their favourite book character, children went around the school searching for 'Where's Wally'. Children also completed word searches and hunted for teachers in our very own 'Where's Wally'. Check out the picture gallery which shows all the costumes that the children wore.

World Book Day

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Year 4 Trip to the Roman Baths

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Year 4 had a great trip to the Roman Baths in support of our learning on the Romans in Britain. We looked around the museum, tried the water and had several workshops including looking at mosaic patterns, different building methods for Celts and Romans and also we studied Roman clothing.

Year 2 - Paper Spinners

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The Wright brothers were first inspired by flight when their father brought them home a flying spinner from a trip away. We made our own spinners out of paper.

3D shapes

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Year 5 made some 3D shapes during their Maths lesson.

Book Week 2016

25 images

Book Week 2016

KS1 Library Trips

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Year 1 and 2 visited Cadbury Heath Library as part of Book Week

Year 6 Restart the Heart

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Becci Garrett and her team have been training Year 6 on how to restart a heart if someone goes into cardiac arrest. Year 6 were taught about choking, pressure to chest and the who to contact in an emergency.

Osmington 2016

48 images

Year 6's trip to Osmington in October. Year 6 traveled down to Weymouth for a range of exciting outdoor activities.

Year 4 CPR Training

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Year 4 Had a great time learning how to save life. We are very grateful for Becci Garrett and her team from the RUH Cardiac Training Team.

Year 2 - Hot air balloons

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These photos show our work making papier maché hot air balloons.

Year 4 Trip to Ashford Water Treatment Centre

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In October, Year 4 had a great trip to the Treatment Centre in support of our topic on rivers and water.

Harvest Assembly

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Thank you to everyone who donated food for our Harvest Assembly. The donations were taken to a local food bank where they will be distributed to individuals and families who need support at difficult times.

World Religion Day

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The children found out about different faiths in their classrooms. We had visitors from the Quaker and Baha’i faiths. The children did a range of activities and watched video clips to help them understand different religions. We had a whole school assembly at the end of the day where each class shared something they had been doing in their classrooms.

Sports Day 2016

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Despite our first date getting cancelled by the weather we didn't let this defeat us and it held out for our reserve date.

Wrong Trousers Day

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On Friday 24th June we celebrated 'Wrong Trousers Day'. This was an opportunity for children to wear any pair of trousers they liked to school that day, in order to raise money for Bristol Children's Hospital. We raised £164 to donate to the cause.

Farm to Fork

26 images

Photo's from the Year 1 Class trip to Tesco for the 'Farm to Fork Trail'.

Queens 90th Birthday Celebration

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On Friday 10th June, the PTA organised a 'street party' to celebrate Her Majesty's 90th Birthday. Everyone bought in a packed lunch and sat together on the field to eat their lunch.

Maths Workshop for Parents

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On 08/03/2016 our parents came in to school to gain a better understanding of how math's is being taught in Cadbury Heath Primary School and the changes that have been made to the national curriculum regarding maths.

Year 3 Maths

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Using manipulatives to find fractions of a number.

Show and Share

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A chance for parents to come in and look at their children's work in school.

Music Workshop

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Kings Oak Academy presented us with an interactive drum session from Yamaha Music School, demonstrating drum techniques. The children had a wonderful experience and an opportunity for a free taster music lesson on keyboard, drum or guitar.

Y1 Fire Safety Workshop

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Year 1 took part in a Fire Safety Workshop. We listened to a story about the danger of playing with matches, had an in-depth look at a fire engine and were taught to 'Stop, drop and roll' in emergency situations involving clothes catching alight.

Disco Dough

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The children use a ball of play-dough to do different motions to music, which strengthens their fingers. They have to squeeze the dough, ball it, smack and press each finger into it.

Write Dance

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The children learn to do dances and drawings for different themes. Write Dance helps children develop their gross and fine motor skills. The children have learnt the dance and drawing for the Volcano theme.

Year 3 Trip to the M-Shed

22 images

Year 3 went to some workshops were held at the M-Shed. This was in support of their 'Bristol Port and Pirates' topic.

Tri Golf

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Years 3 and 4 were invited to a Tri-Golf event where they competed against other schools.

Sports Day

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We had a wonderful Sports Day this Summer. KS1 had theirs in the morning and KS2 was in the afternoon. It was great to see so many parents supporting the events.

Race for Life

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We took part in this charity event to raise money for cancer research. Children took it in turns to run long distance around a track on the school field.

British Values Day

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We had a great British Values Day where we studied the separate countries of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We also looked at customs and traditions and what makes us distinctly British. The older children looked at democracy and had a debate.

Y6 and Y3 Book Buddies

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Book Week gave us an exciting opportunity to trial Book Buddies with Years 3 and 6. It was a great success. We will be continuing to share our reading with our Book Buddies in Term 2.

Japan Day

13 images

Excited Y6 children dressed up in Yukatas (summer kimonos). They also had a look at some Japanese artifacts.

Aikido Demo September 2015 (Year 6)

10 images

Y6 children were treated to an amazing Aikido demo by 3 Aikido masters.


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Year 4 have created an allotment and are spending all year working on a project called 'From Seed to Plate'. This exciting learning project is aimed at teaching children all about where food comes from and the different ways it can be eaten.

Building Blocks kindly donated by the PTA

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The children had their first play with the new bricks bought for them through the PTA. They used them to make paths, airplanes and bridges. It was very exciting. They had to put all the bricks back into the trolley so that they tessellate!

Bath Class Archery

13 images

Year 2 had the opportunity to participate in a fun archery activity.