Cadbury Heath Primary


We currently have a Governor Vacancy. If you are interested in becoming a Governor, please telephone or email the school and your contact details will then be passed to the Chair of Governors, who will contact you to discuss your interest in helping with the Governance of the school. 

 The role of the Governing Body

The role of the Governing Body is to conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement.  We do this by:

• Providing a strategic direction for the work and improvement of the school
• Supporting, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the school (the ‘critical friend’ role)
• Ensuring accountability for the standards achieved and the quality of education

Standards of Governance

Governors are fully aware of the obligations and responsibilities that their roles bring, and are constantly looking to improve the quality, standards, efficiency and effectiveness with which they fulfil these responsibilities.

The constantly changing nature, law and requirements of school governance are recognised to place an obligation on school governors to be adequately trained and kept up to date. If you become a governor at Cadbury Heath we will work with you to train you so that you are able to develop your knowledge and understanding of the role.

Please enquire at the school office if you are interested in becoming a governor or how you can make a contribution.

Governing Body 

     Mervyn George                Peter Halliday                Terri Knowlton               Laura Hudson

      Anne Smith              Maria Ingram Cotton         Emma Hulbert                   Karen Roskilly

      John Ridley

All governors have skills which are utilised by the governing body.  Governors are split into two areas;  the Leadership, Management and Effectiveness Committee (LME) look after the 'business' aspects of school.  The Pupil Wellbeing, Progress and Achievement Committee (PWPA) focus more on the child.  The table below shows the current make-up of the Governing Body.

Name Type of Governor Responsibilities
Mervyn George Co-opted Chair of Governors, LME Chair, Pupil Discipline, Pay, Head's Appraisal
Patricia Lansdale Co-opted LME, Child Protection and Safeguarding, Pay, Head's Appraisal
Anne Smith Co-opted LME, Buildings, Health and Safety
Emma Hulbert Co-opted PWPA, Foundation Stage
John Ridley Headteacher LME
Laura Hudson Staff Governor PWPA
Maria Ingram-Cotton Parent Governor PWPA Chair, Maths, Curriculum
Peter Halliday Co-opted LME, Finance, Pupil Discipline, Grievance
Jane Selway Parent Governor English
Terri Knowlton Co-opted PWPA, Equalities, Inclusion and SEN
Karen Roskilly Clerk  
Further information regarding our Governors is shown on the attached Register
Governor Information / Register of Interests
Meeting Attendance 2016/2017
Committee Structure